Why DCOValley

Here are some of the reasons why you should use DCOValley services as part of your project management training program with DCOLearning.

  • It is a free and additional service from DCOLearning. No further investment needed.
  • Convenience. You can access your DCOValley account 24/7. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • You can control your own pace in re-learning the program. Manage and adjust it with your daily working schedule.
  • You can have access to additional materials you did not get in the face-to-face program.
  • You can access DCOValley using your PC, laptop, tablet or even smartphone.
  • You can download photos of your training program, contact your class mates, and keep in touch with them long after you completed your program.
  • Browse around of other DCOLearning training programs.
  • For PMP Exam preparation participants, you can have enough test simulation packages and scenarios with DCOValley to better prepare you for the actual test.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact our DCOLearning team to get your access now.



Why DCOLearning


There are several reasons why DCOLearning program is the recommended one compared to others. Here are some of our program features and their benefits for our participants.

STANDARDIZED. We are a Global Registered Education Provider (Global REP®) of Project Management Institute (PMI). It is a globally recognizable status of quality project management education provider. To maintain this status DCOLearning has to fulfill and to comply with PMI regulation and ethical standard. This means participants will get standardized knowledge of PM and they will get the same materials with other PMBOK® Guide learners globally.

UP-TO-DATE. As a Global REP®, all DCOLearning programs are supervised by dedicated PMP. This ensures that the materials we are delivering are the most updated one. PMBOK® Guide has been refined and renewed several times since it was first launched and today PMI® is using 5th edition of PMBOK® Guide. Again, this mean the participants will not get any materials that only comply with older version of PMBOK® Guide.

CREDIBILITY. DCOLearning team has hands-on and well-proven practical experiences and dedicates their expertise and values to the improvement of project management knowledge in Indonesia. This shows the DCOLearning commitment in the advancement of project management knowledge and expertise hence the participants will get the knowledge from a real and credible organization player in Indonesia project management environment. The same commitment earns DCOLearning status of Global REP® less than 3 years from it was established in 2005.

FULLY DEDICATED TEAM. DCOLearning unit and team is a fully dedicated one. DCOLearning has been delivering the specific subject matter for years and is not based on part-time basis.This means you will always be able contact our representative anytime before and after your program is delivered. For company clients this will enable them to develop a sustainable professional development program of project management subject with standardized format and open for continuous improvement in the future without having to re-inventing the wheel.

SUPPORT. DCOLearning training program such as PMP® Exam Preparation is also supported by exam exercise/simulation application which the participants can get for free for their preparation.